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Scotty from Hydro Fishing and Adventure spends every spare moment when he isn't guiding perfecting his art and trialling new fly patterns on picky trophy trout. What sets Scotty apart from the rest of the fly fishing guides in New Zealand? It would have to be his unmatched passion, love and dedication to the art of fooling these beautiful fish. Scotty loves putting in big days on the river going the extra mile to provide the best service and experience possible for his clients. Scotty isn't tied down to one area and will put in the miles needed finding the best water across several regions. Scotty is also a member of the New Zealand Professional Guiding Association (NZPFGA)

Scotty from Hydro Fishing and Adventure has spent years perfecting the techniques to land trophy Canal fish. With clients regularly landing 20lb fish, these trips are definitely something to write home about. After a day out with Scotty you will be equipped with skills and tackle tips to start chasing these magic fish yourself. 


Aside from being an excellent angler, Scotty is a top kiwi bloke. He provides service that goes above and beyond and exceptional food to keep you fuelled. 

Scotty is not only an avid trout fisherman but has a big passion for salt water fish too. Growing up in the North Island of New Zealand Scotty spent lots of his spare time in the far north chasing Yellow Tail Kingfish, Snapper, Marlin and Tuna. He loves getting over to the Island salt water fly fishing or popping for GT's too. 

Why choose Scotty as your NZ fishing guide?​

  • Comprehensive audited Health and safety plan

  • Public liability insurance 

  • Current outdoors first aid certificate

  • Best food and service

  • Unmatched passion and dedication 

  • NZPFGA Guide

30lb rainbow trout
Stunning brown trout
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New Zealand King Fish
New Zealand Snapper
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